Anonymous said : Does the first time having sex hurt 

It depends on the person, how relaxed you are and on the a out of lubrication (natural or not) there is. The more relaxed you are, the less uncomfortable it feels

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nsfuu said : To the last anon, I was a virgin till I was 18 and I do not regret a thing. I began my sexual journey at 18 and did everything (I hadn't even kissed a boy) with the same guy in a completely casual, just friends, situation. I'm so glad that I had waited till a situation I was completely ready and comfortable for and you should too. Don't rush sex! I'm not saying wait for the right person but wait till you know you are complete comfortable and don't worry about those around you :) 


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Anonymous said : A lot of my older friends give me a hard time because I'm a 16 year old virgin. I've had the opportunity to have sex multiple times but I just always say no. Do you think it's a bad thing to be a virgin at my age? 

No definitely not! I personally think 16 or younger is too young to have sex, but that’s just my opinion

Anonymous said : So i have a boyfriend who is very sexually experienced and I'm still a virgin. Any tips on how I can approach him sexually without being nervous and insecure about myself? 

Just be confident! Let things happen naturally and don’t force anything and you’ll see how well things go :)

Anonymous said : Post a video 

You post a video!

Anonymous said : do i need to shave my vagina for having sex with my boyfriend or for him to introducing hisfingers?? 

No - you do what you want with your body :) if you WANT to shave - go ahead but you do not HAVE to shave for another person